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Irfan Ali - Irfan is a carbon management specialist and has 10+ years of experience providing advanced carbon footprinting, emissions reporting, and decarbonization planning for industries such as Automotive, Oil & Gas, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, and more. He created an advanced carbon footprint calculator for the textile & footwear sectors, aiding in tracking emissions across all stages of production. His high-profile projects include comprehensive GHG system development for ETG (500 sites- a global conglomerate), IG international (60 sites), and India's top fruit importer, which led to the firm's SBTi approval for near-term targets. He has completed over 300 Environmental & Social assessments, contributing to crucial projects like the TAPI Gas pipeline. Irfan has a Master's in Environmental Sciences and various certifications related to carbon footprinting and sustainability reporting. From field analyst at GEL Pakistan to Environmental Specialist at SGS, his career has been defined by impact.

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