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Creative Carbon – People, Planet and Biodiversity

Creative Carbon combines innovative technologies with nature-based solutions to uplift communities, protect the environment, and produce significant carbon drawdown.


We believe that the unsustainable use of resources is a major cause of environmental and societal degradation, and we aim to influence meaningful change, no matter where we may find ourselves.


To design and implement holistic nature-based solutions that will create circular economies, uplift communities, and protect the integrity of ecosystems for generations to come.


To improve on a grand scale the livelihoods of marginalized communities and people while also protecting vital ecosystems so that our projects provide tangible improvements to people and planet.


Battling Urgent Threats and Mitigating Climate Change


The Critical Numbers

0  MLN
people living in poverty
0  MLN
hectares deforested per year
1  BLN
tonnes of waste dumped per year
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Help Save People and Planet, Get Involved! Chaco Vivo Carbon Negative NFTs! Launch early 2022

Creative Carbon will be launching one of the first carbon-negative NFT projects. Our NFTs are one-of-kind digital art with a purpose! By purchasing one of our NFTs, you will be supporting ongoing projects that protect vulnerable people and threatened ecosystems, help mitigate climate change, and are joining a special community of important stewards of the Planet and humanity.

We will be releasing multiple series during 2022, with each series supporting specific projects.  Purchasing Series 1 will help support our ongoing projects in the Gran Chaco, Paraguay.

Purchase of an NFT will include:

    1. A Verified Carbon Unit (VCU), also known as a carbon credit, of one metric tonne of CO2 per $100 paid for the NFT. For instance, if $500 is paid, you will offset 5 metric tonnes of CO2 with your purchase of our art.
    2. Proceeds will help support Creative Carbon implement new community and environmental protection projects in the Gran Chaco, Paraguay
    3. VIP access to subsequent Series releases
    4. Invitation to annual events held on location in Paraguay and the Dominican Republic
    5. VIP invitation to our Chaco Vivo documentary release and other special projects

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Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 32456 USA
Phone: +1.888.229.7201

Quesada 5050, Edificio Atlas Center
Piso 4, Asuncion, Paraguay
Phone: +59.597.137.979

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