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Rahmeen Farudi - Rahmeen is an experienced C-Level Executive and consummate entrepreneur with more than 15-years of experience across numerous industries. He owns several corporations in the US and Paraguay and has lived in Paraguay for 12-years. He has vast experience with project development and management as well as with environmental, social and governance (ESG) implementation. After seeing the need for conserving the vital ecosystems of Paraguay, he worked to form Creative Carbon and spearhead numerous carbon project developments in the country. Rahmeen holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Washington and Lee University.

Address: Asunción, Paraguay

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579 Shelter Cove Dr
Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 32456 USA
Phone: +1.888.229.7201

Quesada 5050, Edificio Atlas Center
Piso 4, Asuncion, Paraguay
Phone: +59.597.137.979